University Research into Alternative Energy

Decades of shrub and biomass research conducted by Florida Statue University and Shell Energy have resulted in the planting of the Crop Plantation in the full United States.  This Plantation spans approximately 130 acres and is home to over 250,000 planted trees including cottonwoods (native into the area) and eucalyptus (which are non-invasive) along with many different row crops such as soybeans. 

This company of super shrub was brought into being as a consequence of the University's joint research with other agencies including Shell, the US Department of Energy, the Common Purpose Institute, and also types of numerous individuals who will work to develop alternative energy sources (those not dependent on fossil fuels) for the future. 

This research is focused on processing and the planting of energy supplies from plants known closed-loop biomass or simply energy crop.  The project seeks to develop power blank biogas to be used by companies plants like wood-fibre or wood pulp providing plants; plants like sugarcane that can be employed for vapour creation; and plants such as soybeans for biodiesel fuel production.

University participation in energy research is happening at Penn State University.  At Penn, State research is focused on the growth of hydrogen power like a reasonable energy resource.  The investigators suspect that humanity is moving to reduce smog and discover other sources of energy besides petroleum to power up the United States. 

Hydrogen energy burns clean and may be endlessly renewed, as they could be drawn from crop and water plants.  Hydrogen power would thus be a sustainable energy resource to be found within the US' very own infrastructure as the planet's supply of (affordable) petroleum peaks and begins to decline.  The University seeks to aid with the development of hydrogen-powered fuel cells, which are usable in place of or in tandem.

When President Bush recently announced his solution energy initiative, he ascertained that the government will develop five Gran centres for concentrated research.  Oregon State University has got the honour of having been selected among these centres and has been allocated to government grants of $20 million for each of the subsequent four years in order to carry out its mission. 

OSU President Edward Ray says, the study has been conducted by OSs Sun Grant centre will contribute to our fulfilling President Buss challenge.  Specific research into the alternative energy being conducted in OSU by various teams of scientists right now incorporate a job to figure out the way to effectively convert such products as straw into a supply of renewable energy biomass fuel, also another one targeted at studying how to efficiently convert wood fibres into liquid fuel.


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