Than Indian farmers could have never dedicated Suicide?

My loved ones Ezine readers encouraged along with your reply, today I am analyzing concerning the bad effects of MM-PC banks debt trap strategy which has previously sent over 3000 farmers to gallows.   Poor Farmers were not briefed about the hind side drew consequences of mortgaging their landed properties by the lender officials before sanctioning and releasing loans.  Of Government of India when couldn't repay the high loan yields voluntarily embraced death consequently saving their families out of the humiliations of world filthy eyes of authorities hawks.

The borrowed Debt Loan Economy (DLE) concept of United State of America introduced among poor farmers, peasantry and students in India by the MM-PC-MS trio in all spheres of life has totally ruined Indian people's happy family life and way of living.  In one of my interactive survey with over 40 students, who have obtained loans which range from rupees 30,000/ to over rupees 1, 75,000/ to fulfil the undesirable high cost of higher research, have revealed very astounding founding.  One; eight students almost 25% after completing studies have developed main hyper tension from the stress of as to how to refund loan, two 25 students almost 62.5 percent have demonstrated totally insecure and erratic life worries of generating repayment in ever insecure labor market, three two students 5 percent couldn't cover the loan, consequently, their parents poor farmer who mortgaged their property were running from post to pillar to conserve auction, four 5 students 12.5 percent were more or less comfortable with loan repayments but those students were out of sound back grounds.  The DLE has brought so many worries to every part of society the average lifespan of those people has reduced by almost five to ten years.

Why if a government run on DLE whatsoever while all of the tools are for her citizens?  Why should taxpayers pay for higher research while Government fails in fulfilling the fundamental obligatory duty of supplying instruction?  What additional a professor teaches to of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) is teaching so that students are paying over rupees 80,000 to rupees 1,25,000/ The whole network of schooling, today, continues to be set up on unprofessional ethics according to the materialistic approach of the West.  The mushrooming education institutions by every Tom, Dickens and Harry at every nooks and corner of the country are flourishing like profit-making businesses.   At no point in time, I believe that what scenario present government has generated in the country is unwarranted when we manage our organic and agro source well.

Most of the readers would agree with me that Indian farmers have been capable to feed half the Asian continent provided they're offered adequate resources.  Why should authorities import 30 Lakhs tons of wheat near the harvesting season talks of short-sighted vision of the direction?  I find no motive for such obscure decision.  Anyhow Indian farmers are once more in the hands of plundering business community.  The number of losses every farmer is suffering due to late harvesting of sugarcanes one cannot envision?   The poor small farmers get up after midnight, load their trolleys or carts and hurry towards weighing centres to form a line before sunrise to maintain waiting for clerks to arrive after 9AM.  This is the agony of Indian farmer and if the clerk could weigh, he would weigh minimal two to five quintals less.  He works harder but has lesser and cheated at every place by corrupt official systems.  After interacting with a single such clerk whose meagre cover was only rupees 3000 to 6000 a month slab, he had gathered property value over rupees five million.  The identical story is repeated with a bad farmer at the conclusion of every harvest harvesting season.

Why a farmer ought to take loan?  I am simply not convinced with this DLE concept of the trio.  It is simply to plead their Western economists' various governments are intentionally involved in deploying obscure short-sighted and untenable economic policies.  Why should cost of fertilizer be raised that a 50-pound bag of Urea prices over rupees 300?  Why should seed be costing over rupees 1000 to 10, 000 per kg?  Why and why?  I find no reasons of raising prices so much.  Asian continent's harvest cycle of farmers is barely enough to just meet the minimum requirements of their little family norms.   The real beneficiaries of elevated milk cost are not the farmers, however, the middlemen who once again can steal the overall benefit.

I suggest that governments rather than relying on DLE must follow my Direct Crop Rotating Fund (DCRF) economic idea.  This pattern of help can be easily created and made available without putting a farmer under the mental pressure of loans.  In this idea of the market, a corpus of over rupees fifty to seventy-five million can be raised at centre and rupees 40 to 50 million at every state levels to regulate finances directly through block and village bodies.  There's a need to revamp local village organizations that ought to include an accountant and manager to handle finances.

After analyzing the various factors, I recommend that there is a need to modernize villages when we have to enter into Dynamic Revolving Economy Cycle (DREC) of potential.  I suggest that:


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